At first I was skeptical thinking they just want to sell me hearing aids and expected the heavy pressure sales pitch. I was happily surprised when that wasn't the case at all. They were very friendly and professional, even when my intake info didn't go through and they had to enter my info into the system, instead. The technician was very thorough, asking questions and taking notes. She explained the process was very knowledgeable regarding hearing and how things relate between the brain and ears. In the end I was told that I didn't have significant hearing loss that would need hearing aids, but that I should consider getting tested once a year or sooner if anything changes before that. It was a very good experience for me and I highly recommend Starkey if you think you might have any hearing loss.
Michele Carpenter, on Google
Update 1/3/23 - had a slight issue with one of my hearing aids. I was taken care of quickly and professionally. Always a pleasant experience. They are very good about backing up their product. Very personalized care. Always checking to see if I need anything and paying attention to the detail required to fine tune my hearing aids.
Denny McCormick, on Google
We were treated very well and kindness. She explained things very good all the way through. We will see what we can do in the future.
Linda Berg, on Google
I felt very well cared for with Rachel! I wasn’t sure as to what to expect but my experience s was just great!
Lynda Gentz, on Google
They are always fun and cheerful. I was able to get in and out on a few minutes.
Sandy Austin, on Google

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